Parents know the difference when they play at The Gatineau Playground Festival (PGF). They can feel the care and time that has gone into maintenance, safety and quality control. Parents love our safety features-  keeping little ones safe within the facility among friends, at all times. 

To help us uphold our high level of safety and security, we ask for your cooperation with the following rules:

  1. All children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (no exceptions).
  2. Please note that PGF is a shoe-free in the inflatable structures. Everyone must come with a pair of socks, including adults.
  3. PGF tries its best to operate a nut-free environment. As such, no outside food or drinks are allowed on synthetic fields.

Facility Safety
Our gates are monitored, allowing our staff to personally connect with every family. No child under 13 years of age is allowed in, unless visiting with an adult or a teen. All exits are secured, and kids can’t get out without their families.

Toddler-safe play areas
Because not all kids 12 and under are the same, it’s important to us to ensure all ages can have safe fun. PGF maintains a toddler zone for our littlest people. Even babies under one will find age-appropriate games in a safe, friendlier area. For more on toddlers areas, click here.

Daily Inspections
You can never be too careful! That is why our procedures include an entire-facility check, allowing our staff to inspect the structure and play equipment to ensure it is as safe as always.

Rigid cleaning procedures
When you have this many children enjoying this many giggles, you have to expect germs to hang around. Our cleaning team works throughout the day to keep things as clean as can be. And it shows! For our cleaning product we use enviro norwex micro-fiber cloth with hot water. Norwex microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria on a surface if the instructions for use and care are followed. The BacLock technology it contains, the antibacterial agent of micro silver impregnated in the laundry, self-purifies and prevents bacterial odors and the growth of mold and mildew inside the laundry, in less than 24 hours, allowing the laundry to be ready for use again. This technology cleans any surface usually cleaned with soap and water or chemical cleaners, including bathroom (faucet, sink, bath, counter, toilet and more), walls, windows, floors, vehicles, toys , tools, surfaces, appliances, garden furniture and more. Composed of a fiber measuring more than 3 million meters (10 million feet), for an increased cleaning power, it is 1 / 200th the size of a hair, the Norwex microfiber is to this day one of the products the most innovative in the cleaning industry.

In cases where deep cleaning is necessary, we use norwex liquid garment detergent which is free of harmful chemicals, fillers and questionable « scents » made from unknown ingredients. In some exceptions, such as removing stains from the structures, we use, as a last resort, the Dawn dish soap.

Food Safety
Knowledgable staff and smart procedures!
The La Loge Restaurant staff are professional food service operators that continually re-train in proper food safety procedures and requirements. Our managers take their roles to heart, and you will find mature experienced staff on our leadership team. 

Emergency preparedness:
We make sure to hire the best and certified first aid responders from St-John’s Ambulance. A dedicated team makes sure to respond to any emergency that may arise and circulate throughout the day to locate any lost child and identify any potential danger that may occur. They can be found at the entrance of the field and wear yellow jackets!

Drills and safety checks
The key to safety is prevention. As a part of our regular routine, we tour the facility with our safety checklist. We ensure preparedness within our staff and volunteer community.